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The Many Faces of Jack Skellington on display at Disney Springs

This year at San Diego Comic-Con Disney celebrated Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas with a special art exhibit featuring the Many Faces of Jack Skellington. A small selection of the nearly 1,000 special art pieces have now made their way to the Marketplace Co-op for guests to ogle over.

It’s been 25 years since Jack Skellington stepped through the magic doorway to Christmas Town and into our hearts. For this art project, Disney invited artisans from around the world to draw inspiration from Disney and Pixar movies and add their own creative touch to a vinyl Jack head. The results are delightful as they are creative.

What’s this? Check them out here: (Click to embiggen)

Of course, they all started as a blank vinyl Jack Skellington head. So creative.

I apologize for the poor photography on some of them. But it’s hard to get the ones behind glass with few shadows and/or little glare.

Which of the Many Faces of Jack Skellington is your favorite?