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Meet the ace pilots of Star Wars Resistance on Disney Channel

Star Wars: Resistance is set decades after the victory above the moon of Endor that ended Return of the Jedi and about six months before the events of The Force Awakens. There are no Jedi among the show’s main cast, instead there are spies, mechanics, and fighter pilots who encounter the growing menace of the First Order.

Meet Team Fireball. They’re the core crew of Star Wars: Resistance — a new anime-inspired animated series. The series features Kaz, a pilot who is still learning what it means to be a leader as he follows his mission to gather intel on the growing threat of the First Order while working as a mechanic on the Colussus.

The skies belong to the Aces. Get to know the platform’s most daring pilots. The Aces are tasked with the protection of the Colussus platform in Star Wars Resistance. These hot-shot fliers race each for accolades and bragging rights in the new series.

There is some discussion about whether Lucasfilm and Disney are doing the right thing by aiming for a younger audience with this new series, but I think that forgets how the Star Wars movies have always attracted young fans. The trick for me is, will there be enough to interest the adult along with the child. That’s something Pixar has a great track record with and Lucasfilm has done pretty well with the other animated series – Clone Wars and Rebels.

Star Wars Resistance premieres Sunday, October 7 at 10pm ET/PT on Disney Channel and Disney Now. Eventually the show will move to Disney XD.