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The Walt Disney Company is world’s best regarded company, says Forbes

Big news out of Burbank today, Forbes has released a list of the world’s best regarded companies for 2017 and The Walt Disney Company is atop the list. That moves Disney up four spots from the 2017 ranking, the first year that the rankings were compiled. Disney ranks No. 1, earning the highest marks among Forbes’ 2018 Global 2000 companies.

To get the ranking Forbes worked with Statista, a leading provider of market and consumer data. They surveyed 15,000 people from 60 countries to find out how they perceive companies’ trustworthiness, social conduct, performance of their products or services, and how they are viewed as an employer. The 250 highest ranked companies were revealed today on

This is not the first honor for Disney in 2018, the Harris Poll Reputation Quotient (RQ), which looks at corporate reputation, has ranked the company 5th. Disney also holds the fifth spot on the 2018 Global RepTrak 100 from Reputation Institute, the largest yearly study of its kind. The Walt Disney Company has also been among the top 10 “World’s Most Admired Companies” on Fortune’s annual list for six consecutive years, ranking No. 1 in the entertainment industry and No. 6 overall for 2018.

Congrats to everyone at the Mouse House. Us fans have known you’re the big cheese for years.

1 thought on “The Walt Disney Company is world’s best regarded company, says Forbes”

  1. You asked on Twitter: What made you a fan of the Walt Disney Company, so here’s my take:
    As a child, going to the movies was a big deal. I remember the re-release of Snow White as my first movie, ever. The Apple Dumpling Gang also holds a special place in my heart. Disney created family fare that allowed families to create memories.
    The Wonderful World of Disney on TV introduced me to the classic shorts, and the nature films that Walt produced.
    Somewhere in my house is an A ride ticket from my first trip to Disney World. Its not as expansive a place as it is now, it was 1977. But as a child, Disney World was ginormous. My own kids have been lucky enough to experience it several times in their lives.
    A re-release of Fantasia fostered my love of classical music.
    As an adult, its the re-emergence of animation starting with the Little Mermaid to the present. A trip to a Disney park , hotel or cruise means that you will experience excellence in customer service. They set a standard that we use when we do non-Disney things.
    I love the opportunities that Disney offers students, though I understand the hours are long, and the pay is getting better. I applaud Disney for employing seniors, or people ‘of a certain age’ as well.
    I applaud the sense of community in times of need, stepping up as responsible corporate citizens.

    Those are the things we hear about, the positives. I’m sure there are many stories that don’t paint such a rosy picture of the Mouse House. But you asked what made me a fan? This.

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