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TSA attempts to confiscate EPCOT Food & Wine Cheese Board

Got a message from Monica, a friend of the blog, yesterday about a strange encounter she had traveling home from Walt Disney World via Orlando International Airport (MCO). Monica’s story should serve as a cautionary tale for anyone else who attempts to bring one certain piece of merchandise from the 2018 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival home with them.

On her Disney World vacation Monica visited EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival where she purchased a couple souvenirs including a commemorative 2018 cheese board in the shape of a wine bottle. At the end of her trip she packed it in her carry-on and left for the saddest ride of any vacation – the trip back to the airport.

When Monica sent her bags through TSA security bag check, her bag was flagged and TSA told her she couldn’t bring the cheese board on the plane. It was deemed a ‘weapon.’ Monica had to exit the security line, find a shipping service and mail it to herself via UPS or the Postal Service. A big headache.

We already knew you can’t bring snow globes on a plane, since they’re a) filled with water and b) can be broken and the glass used as a weapon. Now we can add to that cheese boards in the shape of a wine bottle. I guess TSA thinks it could be used as a paddle?

Were there any other Disney souvenirs you tried to bring through TSA that you were prevented from bringing onto a plane?