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Shanghai Disney Resort leads China as first Eco-China Experience-based Education Destination

In order to meld the Disney brand with traditional Chinese culture, Disney’s creativity and technology was put to the test as they created the Shanghai Disney Resort. All that came together in a new honor recognizing the environmental conservation efforts and immersive educational environment as the first Eco-China Experience-based Education Destination from the China Next Generation Foundation.

The recognition also serves to highlight the resort’s long-term commitment to nurturing and inspiring the creativity and imagination of younger generations. The award aims to leverage the rich creative and environmental resources of Shanghai Disney Resort and organize cross-cultural, diverse and engaging educational activities for students and their families. Shanghai Disney Resort and the China Next Generation Foundation will also collaboratively plan and implement the Eco-China Experiential Themed Camp to create enriching experiences for students and young children.

The “Eco-China Experience-based Education Destination” award is designed to increase national efforts towards the development of ecological and environmental protection awareness among the younger generation. A ceremony was hosted at Shanghai Disneyland today with over 100 guests, including leaders from Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress, China Caring for Next Generation Commission and education authorities from Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu and Shanghai Disney Resort, as well as teacher and student representatives from Shanghai. Mickey and Minnie were also present to celebrate this special occasion.

“Disney has a long history of environmental protection and helping to cultivate conservation values in younger generations,” said Murray King, vice president of Public Affairs at Shanghai Disney Resort. “We are honored to have been selected as the first experience-based education destination in the country, and hope to leverage our resort’s unique environment, diverse offerings and legendary Disney storytelling to help enrich the lives of students and children for generations to come.”

Today’s ceremony also kicked off the first Eco-China Experiential Themed Camp, where the first explorers will learn about the science and cultural elements utilized throughout Shanghai Disneyland while discovering the park’s thrilling attractions and enchanting entertainment.

“We believe that Shanghai Disney Resort’s impressive combination of Chinese culture and authentic Disney storytelling will help provide young students with opportunities to develop and explore new ways of thinking,” said Gu Xiulian, Founding Chair of China Next Generation Education Foundation. “By working with Shanghai Disney Resort, we believe that the Eco-China Experience-based Education Destination will become an important way to broaden our children’s educational horizons.”

Since Shanghai Disney Resort first broke ground, a number of nature conservation programs and VoluntEARS activities have been held, including Earth Month celebrations, a Wishing Star Park Nature Book, Bird Monitoring programs and Adopt-A-Garden programs. The establishment of the Eco-China Experience-based Education Destination will enhance the resort’s commitment and dedication to environmental conservation as well as help to provide an immersive educational experience to more guests from Shanghai and across China.

Does knowing Disney is focused on conservation affect your travel planning when deciding where to go on any upcoming vacations?

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