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Disney’s Imagineers talk about update to iconic American Adventure anthem ‘Golden Dream’

The American Adventure pavilion is positioned as the centerpiece of the World Showcase at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT. The pavilions attraction is home to one of Disney’s quintessential attractions that uses art, animatronics, and music to tell the story of American history with hosts Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin.

Disney’s Imagineers recently revisited the attraction with a few upgrades, including an update to “Golden Dream,” the patriotic theme song for The American Adventure.

The team included pop/rock music producer Harvey Mason Jr. and they worked to include a slightly more modern feel to the song with more ‘cinematic sensibilities’ while still remaining true to the original vision.

I’ve been dying to get back to EPCOT to see the updated digital projection system used on American Adventure and hear and see the latest update to the iconic song “Golden Dream.” The song has been updated with new vocalists, new instruments, and a new arrangement.

Have you enjoyed a visit to American Adventure since the update? What did you think of the new finale sequence?

2 thoughts on “Disney’s Imagineers talk about update to iconic American Adventure anthem ‘Golden Dream’”

  1. I enjoyed it again two weeks ago. As an an original cast member on the show development I can easily say that the new Audio track is a home run! Best Audio track in EPCOT! Goosebumps and Applause !
    The Film Update was also nice….

  2. As a professional musician, I have to say that this video is utter nonsense. First, they say they want to create a new version of the song that is “timeless” and won’t be identifiable in the future as being from 2018. Then, they say they’ve created something that is “contemporary” and relevant to “today’s audiences.”

    Which is it?

    “Timeless” and “contemporary” are VERY different things. “Contemporary” means it’s going to sound like the music of 2018. “Timeless” means you’ll never be able to determine when the arrangement was made just from listening to it.

    I haven’t heard it yet (it’ll be a few more weeks before I can get there), but, from having watched this video, I have no idea what the hell they’re talking about.

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