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Keyless Door Entry comes to your phone at Walt Disney World

Soon you won’t need a room card or magic band to open your hotel room at Walt Disney World, all you’ll need is your mobile phone. Beginning very soon at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge guests will be able to test a new feature in the My Disney Experience app that will allow them to unlock their hotel room using a digital key on their mobile device.

The My Disney Experience app already provides the ability to order food ahead of time and online check in for your hotel room, plus access to an encyclopedia of useful information about Walt Disney World and ability to book Fastpasses.

The new digital key will allow guests to unlock the hotel entrance gate and other common area doors and gates including pools, fitness centers, elevators, and club level lounges. If you combine it with online check-in you can even bypass the need to visit the front desk entirely and go right to your room when it is ready.

The question we’re hearing asked is will we still need the Magic Band at all? Yes, we don’t think Disney plans to get ride of the Magic Band in the parks. It provides a unique way for Disney to deliver magic via RFID that your phone can never provide. It also provides Disney with a wealth of data they use to analyze how guests interact with the parks and resorts. However, there is a possibility that they make make a phone case in the future that contains the same RFID chip and capability your magic band does.

A Bluetooth-enabled mobile device is required to use the digital key on the My Disney Experience app. We recommend you use a code to unlock your phone too. Does this sound like something you would use on your next vacation at Walt Disney World?

5 thoughts on “Keyless Door Entry comes to your phone at Walt Disney World”

  1. No I won’t change it to my phone. Disney has gone way too tech. It is bad enough they charge for everything . I won’t change it to my phone. Beside why have the magic bands that they claimed would work for everything you need to have at Disney. Just my view

  2. I guess I don’t understand the advantage of this. You have to turn on your phone, get signed up for the program, turn on the app, and push some buttons. Plus, lots of people don’t have smart phones, or they may have use up all their battery power. With a Magicband, all you do is hold it up to the door and turn the handle. I’m not saying the phone app is a bad idea, I just don’t see what’s good about it. Feel free to explain.

  3. Yes, I know I am in a minority but my husband and I do not have smartphones…just flip phones with pre-paid minutes for emergencies. As seniors on a fixed income, spending money on another monthly bill (we live in NY -very high taxes) which for us is not essential would mean less vacation time in Disney. So…what about people like us? How do we get into our rooms? Are you listening Disney?

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