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Lucas Museum of Narrative Art shares new concept art as construction commences

Looking like a giant spaceship that has landed square in the middle of Los Angeles’ Exposition Park, the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art (LMNA) designed by MAD Architects, has broken ground signaling the start of construction. The creator of “Star Wars” and the museum’s founder George Lucas, his wife Mellody Hobson, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, MAD partners Ma Yansong, Dang Qun, Yosuke Hayano, director and newest board member Steven Spielberg, the museum’s founding director Don Bacigalupi, and Los Angeles City Council members were present for the occasion.

On the design of the museum Lucas stated, “I am an avid architectural fan and I wanted a special museum that was a work of art in itself, and Ma [Yansong] has done that three times.”

This museum will be a fantastic addition to Los Angeles and the historic exposition park. When the Olympics return to Los Angeles in 2028, it will have been open for ore than half a decade right next door to the Coliseum.

“Our goal is to create the world’s most inclusive and accessible art museum—a place that brings together people from every walk of life,” said co-founder Mellody Hobson. “We are excited to call Exposition Park home, surrounded by more than 100 elementary and high schools, one of the country’s leading universities, as well as three other world-class museums.”

Along with news of the eve, MAD Architects released updated concept art.

“Yes, this is an art museum, but I’m also trying to position it as an anthropological museum. It is my feeling that popular art is an insight into a society and what they aspire to; what they really want, what they really are — it is about telling the narrative of their story, their history and their belief system,” said George Lucas about his vision for the museum. “I believe all kinds of art have a right to exist. I think it’s important to have a museum, that I used to jokingly say, supports all the orphan arts that nobody wants to see, but everybody loves. So that’s my dream for this.”

Here’s the description of the project from MAD Architects:

The museum is located in Los Angeles’ Exposition Park, and stands as a gateway to the park. It appears as if a futuristic spaceship, with a mysterious and surrealistic attitude, has “landed” on the site’s natural environment. People from all walks of life are welcome to feel and appreciate this cultural paradise. The interior of the building has been designed as a huge bright and open cave. Skylights allow sunlight to flood the interior space, and guide visitors through the museum’s various programs. The first floor and roof of the building are expansive public areas that can be enjoyed by everyone. People can exercise here, relax, talk to the surrounding natural environment, and directly experience nature in the urban environment.

“An open city with an inclusive culture, especially innovative buildings, is very important,” said MAD founder and principal partner Ma Yansong. “It is a pleasure to work with the American filmmaker and legend George Lucas on creating a world-class landmark for Los Angeles. We hope that the joint efforts will continue to make Los Angeles the most creative metropolises in the world.”

It feels like this building is right out of the science fiction vision that Lucas’ films became so famous for. But the contents of the museum will be even more exciting. Having a museum that dives into narrative art, using Lucas’ collection of Star Wars and other movie productions. The museum plans to go even further into exploring narrative art with works by Norman Rockwell, Maxfield Parish, and more.

The museum is a gift from the Lucas family and won’t be built at a cost to taxpayers. It will operate as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. 1,000s of jobs are expected to be greated during its construction and once it opens sometime in 2021.