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“Black Panther” poised to leap to top of Marvel’s box office list

Black Panther - battle

Boom! Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther” continues to have a super hero worthy performance at the box office. Looking at Tuesday’s numbers, Black Panther’s domestic results were almost unreal. Here’s a how “Black Panther” compares to some of its historic domestic box office rivals.

On Tuesday, its 26th day, Black Panther made $5.2 million.

By comparison on their 26th day, these mega-movies made the following:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – $3.8 million
Jurassic World – $4.8 million
Marvel’s The Avengers – $3.3 million
Star Wars: The Last Jedi – $2.4 million

That kind of performance is really strong, dropping only 17% from previous week. “Black Panther” has legs, as they would say.

If you’re curious, Wednesday’s box office was a solid $3.8 million, only a 2.5% dropoff of the previous week. With spring break already underway, this strong performance could continue for a couple more weeks.

Now the question is can “Black Panther” defend against “Tomb Raider” and claim its fifth straight weekend at #1. Black Panther is targeting a $25M weekend and Tom Raider is currently estimated to be somewhere in the $26-28M range. So a week performance for Tom Raider or another record performance for Black Panther and voila.

If it can win, “Black Panther” would become the first film since “Avatar” to stay a top the weekend box office for five straight weekends in a row. If it can manage that, a $700+ million domestic total is still in play, which would put it under Avatar and Force Awakens in 3rd place all time. The nation of Wakanda is powerful indeed.

Even if it falls short of 5 straight weekend wins in a row, is now very likely “Black Panther” will end up as the #1 marvel movie domestically. To fail to reach that mark, it would have to just fall off the face of the Earth.