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Disney Cruise Line reveals look of new three ships with first arriving in 2021

New Disney Cruise Line ship design

Disney Cruise Line has revealed the rendering for its newest class of vessel on which they plan to elevate their top brand of family cruise vacations even further. It’s a little bit sleeker, more modern vision of a cruise ship on the exterior. It keeps the two smokestacks even though only one is required. There’s also an AquaDuck water coaster on the rendering.

While not a big departure from the Dream Class ships, it is a cleaner look. You’ll also notice that it has some additional contouring along the side of the ship with balconies pushing out the side. This will allow for some slightly larger staterooms no doubt. Perhaps a few more balconies overall on this new class of Disney Cruise ship.

Interior speaking, we still don’t know what motif they’ll use. If they’ll keep with either Art Deco or Art Nouveau (as on every current ship) for the them or go with some other unifying design? Things could get pretty wild if they go into more modern art eras.

Compare to the Dream Class

Dream New Class
Tonnage: 129,690 140,000
Length: 1,114.7 FT ?
Height 217 Ft ?
Decks: 14 passenger decks, 2 crew ?
Cabins: 1,250 1,250
Capacity 4,000 passengers 4,000 passengers


It’s interesting that even though the new ships will be slightly larger, they’ll clock in with the same number of staterooms. That’s a sign Disney wants to add more amenities to the ships, rework the common spaces to be a bit more functional, without worrying about servicing a larger group of passengers or hiring many more crew.

Disney does promise the latest technology and innovations in high seas cruising, spectacular entertainment, and more encounters with Disney characters and other magic than ever before. Disney is also focus on making the ships as environmentally friendly as possible with fueling provided by clean burning fuels such as liquefied natural gas (aka LNG).

The three ships are projected to have their first cruises in 2021, 2022, and 2023 respectively.

What do you think of the new look for Disney’s next three cruise ships?