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Marvel’s Jessica Jones trailer draws us back into her chaotic world and we’re so ready

Jessica Jones is back… or at least she’s working through a few anger issues with the plans to be back. But then we know that the best laid plans often meet with an early demise in the world of Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Even Jones may need some help confronting with what it means to be a hero.

Jones shows us her way of recovering in this new trailer

In season 2, Jessica Jones is a hard-drinking, short-fuse, mess of a woman who is just trying to make a living as a Private Investigator in New York City. She’s super strong but is haunted by a dark past that keeps her from truly becoming a hero.

If you missed the first trailer for Marvel Jessica Jones season 2, you can watch it below:

We subscribed to Netflix just to have access to the TV shows from Marvel. We’re happy to hear that they won’t be disappearing anytime soon or moving to Disney’s 2019 streaming service (which will be PG-13 rated).

Season 2 will be available for streaming beginning March 8 on Netflix.