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Fan made Disney movie trailers ignite our dreams

You may not be a fan of Disney’s desire to remake every one of its animated classics into a live action film, but video producer Tommy Ross is. He’s been working on a collection of his own teaser trailers for each of the animated films Disney is thought to be considering for its own live-action movie remake. Ross used a low budget approach includes aerial footage, Disney attraction videos, and additional found footage combined with his own very talented editing to make some convincing teaser trailers.

The first teaser trailer for The Little Mermaid was released three weeks ago:

Up next is Mulan (which we know is getting a live-action version):

He postulates a remake Alice in Wonderland:

Aladdin (also getting its own live-action with Will Smith):

Finally, yesterday he released a teaser trailer for Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs:

As Ross says on his YouTube channel, he believes the remakes aren’t pointless. He says that the ones that are adaptations aren’t trying to replace the originals, instead they expand the complexity and storytelling while remaking the same in their core. They give fans a chance to learn more about their favorite characters and the worlds they inhabit. For the most part, we agree.

Are you fans of the new live-action adaptions of the old animated classics? What do you think of these teaser trailers as envisioned by Ross?