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Touring The Edison and neighboring new restaurants at Disney Springs

There’s a definite air of glitz and glamour inside the restaurant as hints of the Golden Age of Travel are everywhere inside. We love the Art Deco designs and the amazing murals everywhere you look.

As many restaurateurs did, Maria and Enzo took to bootlegging during the Prohibition area. The tunnels they once used to hide booze now sell it in the Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel Bar. We love the feel of this space. Be sure to check out all the details, down to the graffiti on the walls.

They were unable to give us opening dates for any of the three locations, but they said they’re working quickly to open soon, hopefully in January of 2018. We expect to have a lot of fun figuring out which of these four new locations is our favorite.

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1 thought on “Touring The Edison and neighboring new restaurants at Disney Springs”

  1. Sounds cool.. especially the night-life.. been looking for unique entertainment since the Adventurer’s Club was shut down.. hopefully get to ditch the kids and go some night!

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