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Disneyland Duty Manager keeps park’s show ship-shape

I love these “Every Role a Starring Role” videos that Disneyland occasionally shares. They show how diverse a cast is required to make a huge operation like a theme park run in an efficient, safe, and show-worthy manner. If one role could be said to sit at the center of all that, it’s the duty manager, which just so happens to be this week’s profile.

The duty manager role is one of the unsung heroes of Disneyland. Their job is to roam the park and be the eyes of the guest. They look at show quality issues, safety for cast and guest, operations issues, and essentially fill in for Walt Disney in keeping the flame alive at the park.

For 47-years Dean Yamada has helped make the magic at the Disneyland Resort and he is currently one of the park’s duty managers. Learn more about his job here:

Disneyland is currently in hiring mode for the holiday season. If you want to join Dean and help make the magic, this might be your best chance.