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Disney California Adventure goes Pixar crazy with re-theming of attractions

From the first press release revealing the ‘California’ theme of the second gate at the Disneyland Resort, there has been a chorus of people claiming it would never work. With every new announcement about Disney California Adventure those people have been proven right. The latest big change will be a re-theming of the Paradise Pier area, ostensibly a California Amusement Beach Park of days gone by, into a Pixar themed land Disney will be calling Pixar Pier.

Attractions, eateries, and merchandise locations will be re-themed to various Pixar film properties in an prime example of what Michael Eisner called Synergy. The idea fills in a deficiency of Pixar related projects at the Disneyland Resort giving some of the studios’ most successful movies new life for guests.

One of the biggest transformations will be changing California Screamin’ coasting into “Incredicoaster,” which, you guessed it, is based on The Incredibles movie, which has a sequel in the works. It will include a redesign of the loading zone into a mid-century modern style loading area, a new storyline with character moments and a new look for the vehicles. Get your last ride of California Screamin’ in before Jan 8th when it closes to prepare for the transition.

Although Disney hasn’t officially announced anything, it looks like King Triton’s Carousel will undergo a transformation of its own. If Disney’s offering, I’d love one of those otters from the amazing animal themed carousel.

An expansion of the Toy Story themeing will surround Toy Story Midway Mania attraction while an area inspired by “Inside Out” will grow on the western end of the boardwalk. This area will get a new child friendly spinner attraction, although no official opening date has been set.

Mickey’s Fun Wheel won’t be going anywhere, but the ride’s 24 gondolas will be themed to represent different Pixar characters. The midway games in the area will get Pixar character inspired makeovers too. These areas will also close on January 8 to begin their makeover.

On the other side of Paradise Bay, Disney will make a new land called “Paradise Park.” It will be home to the existing rides and eateries (from Jumpin’ Jellyfish and Paradise Gardens all the way down to The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure).

This is a big change for Disney California Adventure. With the beginnings of a Marvel-land on one end of the park and more Pixar attractions on the other, the park is moving further away from its original theme. Unless Disneyland gets creative over by the hotels, there is very little room left to expand DCA, so re-themeing is the way they can make these big swings at coming up with an attraction mix that will attract new guests.

Don’t forget that Disneyland resort will start a new Pixar Fest event on April 13th.