Millennials Killed Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Today’s social media obsessed Millennials aren’t interested enough in old movies to keep Disney from closing the last opening day attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Studies show that the obsession with entertainment that can be enjoyed on a screen and is over in less than a few minutes is the new preference of millennials.

Recent polls show that millennails reject the capitalism behind the big movie productions that was the original vision behind Disney-MGM Studios. Young adults between ages 18 and 29 were asked about capitalism and 51 percent of respondents do not support it. Just 42 percent said they support the economic system.

Millennials want to make a positive impact on the future, not ride in a slow moving vehicle through tons of props from old movies or audio-animatronics of movies they probably never saw.

Because of these trends, Disney had to close the last elements of the original movie magic theme, for a new world where short attraction experiences are surrounded by detailed story-lines and themed shops and restaurants where one of a kind experiences can be found. Thanks Millennials.

EPCOT appears to be next on the Millennial hit list, so watch out.

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  1. American Capitalism as created the greatest engine to human progress since human existence. Although not perfect, It’s the best vehicle to create wealth with the wildest dispersion. Apparently by the above poll, the young, sadly and concerning are not learning these facts.

  2. Please tell me this is a satire. Don’t stoop to blaming an entire generation because a good ride that you like has been closed. Many attractions closed long before millennials were even born. I dont blame you for being upset that GMR closed, I am too. It was one of my favorite attractions and a must ride on every visit. However, blaming a generation of people for closing one attraction is a bit much , in my opinion. People’s tastes change, it’s sad when one of the better attractions gets lost because of it but to blame the 18-30 year old subset of the population is short sighted.

    1. I must apologize, I missed the humor tag at the top of the article. Completely my mistake, I feel quite silly actually as I don’t usually mess up this badly. I usually catch the tag or get the satire without making myself look foolish. Sorry again.

  3. The REASON why the Great movie ride fell out of favor is a GLARING reason that the people at the top overlook! The animatronics should have been updated. Piece by piece, one set at a time – they could have kept the ride going and closed only one section…it could have been re-imagined with MORE vignettes! The reason it was ultimately closed is that just like any business you have to update the decor. Look- proof is in the pudding; when they updated the Robots at the hall of Presidents and had Abraham Lincoln stand up, it got a surge of new people going to see it….and that’s a non-moving English-centric attraction that’s a little bit boring for youngsters. They could have done that here. The Alien could have been given more movement, or some innocuous slime coming off it’s face! They could have updated the masks so that Indiana Jones looked MORE like Harrison Ford! Instead they did NOTHING to jazz it up. I’m mad as hell, because rebooting with something completely different is going to cost a bunch more and it’s going to suck. Whoever sits at the top and makes decisions like these for the park needs someone like me to tell it like it is. Not a bunch of yes men beneath them worried they’ll get fired if they speak out of turn.

  4. The story header states: “Home › Humor › Millennials Killed Disney’s Hollywood Studios”

    Maybe we should leave humor writing to those who have a good sense of it.

    1. It literally says it’s in the humor category in the title. It’s satire. And millennials are the most upset group because Disney keeps destroying all their nostalgic classic attractions. So yes, bad satire.

  5. Are you kidding me? The great movie ride hasn’t been updated since the park opened. The baby boomer generation the ride was made for stopped coming to the parks. Nobody cares about their grandparents movies not even the Boomers.

    1. I am a boomer and hold an annual pass. I go three times a year but hollywood studios bored me to,tears. Half day park at best. Once this aging boomer rode tower of terror, rockin roller coaster and star tours… all that was left to do,was eat lunch in the commissary and leave. Most of the movies in the beginning que I had never seen or heard of. They were my mom’s movies and she has been passed for 12 yrs. even a few in the ride itself I never saw like singing in the rain and casablanca. No,desire ever to see them. Never saw gone with the wind either. I cant wait for newer rides and attractions. Sometimes I just skip the park.

  6. Even as satire is comes off like every other blame the millennial post that seems to be popular with the older generations. Dont have a genuine idea to write about? Blame the millennials.

  7. Uh… well…I’m not a Millennial, but I tired of The Great Movie Ride as it was never refreshed and lacked action or surprises. I quite enjoyed the Animation building at Disney MGM Studios, until Disney stopped making animated films there. So the park was its own worst enemy, doing a half a job at their theme. I don’t blame Millennials for this, I blame Disney for not doing going all the way to give the guests a great experience.

  8. I just returned from MGM and it was very boring! I am 51 so to a Millennial sure it’s even worse disappointment!

  9. Like other commenters, I’m not quite sure if this is meant to be satire or not. Either way, it’s a poorly written piece as the sea change being felt throughout the Disney parks can hardly be blamed on just one factor.

    I was saddened to hear that The Great Movie Ride was closing as it was one of my favorites when I was younger. I’ve always had a love for old films as well as for animatronics–both things that that the ride had in spades. But the writing had been on the wall for quite some time, especially with the contract with TCM approaching its expiration.

  10. So let’s see…we are now letting Millenials…how many of them can afford to take a trip to Disney with college bills, no jobs and living at home?????…decide what the rest of us enjoy? They walk with their face in their phone anyway so what do they care what is at Disney? Sadly, too many of them are so self-obsessed with selfies and Instagram,etc. that they aren’t interested in much unless it is a fast -action “gotcha” thing like a roller coaster. Families with children and/or grandchildren? They have other wants and needs.

  11. How is this on millennials? I’m not a millennial (I’m much older than they are) But if Disney can’t adjust to changing times, why blame those who grew up in those times that changed?

    Nostalgia is all well and good (I personally have a good bit of nostalgia about past days, but I look at it as nothing more than nostalgia, with the understanding that times have changed) — but millennials know that our past is full of hatred, division, segregation, slavery, racism, sexism, jingoism, and a bunch of other “isms” that don’t mesh with today’s society.

    Disney has to adjust to that. It’s not on millennials to say “Oh, this is how things used to be, so I must spend my money on it.” Millennials are smarter than that.

    Millennials aren’t killing casual dining. Millennials aren’t killing Disney. Millennials aren’t killing fabric softener. Millennials aren’t killing movie theaters, fast food, FedEx, or any other major company.

    Those companies are killing themselves because they’re too stubborn to adjust their business models with the times. If these companies can’t evolve with the times, they DESERVE to fail. They exist to provide a need to the market — and if the market changes, and they continue to be set on providing what the market from ten years ago wanted, that’s their own failure. While I don’t wish failure upon anyone, and everyone should be afforded an opportunity to learn from their mistakes, there’s also the fact that if you REFUSE to learn from your errors, then, yes, you DESERVE to fail. Because at that point, you’ve done it to yourself.

    Sometimes it’s not the boss (or the millennials) who fire you; it’s you working your butt off to GET fired.

  12. Lol. It was not millennials. It was Disney’s refusal to do any type of updating to a ride, which happens often. All their worried about is raising prices and trying to save money wherever they can without having to update. They were forced to update and instead decided to remove and add something different. Plain and simple.

  13. I’m glad this is marked as Humor, because as a millennial myself I love Hollywood Studios. Muppetvision is a particular favorite

  14. I think this was intended as satire but it didn’t come across effectively. Too many people will read it as the knee-jerk “darn kids are ruining America again!” that every older generation does in turn. The oldest Millennials are in their mid-30’s and are often parents themselves.

  15. If Disney can’t be bothered to dust the ride, why should I be bothered to spend my limited funds on it? Don’t cry to me about Millennials voting with their wallets. That’s exactly how capitalism is supposed to work. We’re not here to subsidize their failure to plan.

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