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Is addiction to Disney theme parks an actual thing? If so, I have it.

My name is John and I am addicted to Disney theme parks.

I imagine many of the people reading this blog could type that sentence and it would be true. Those who love to visit Disney’s theme parks often drop thousands of dollars a year on our passion, money those who don’t get Disney think we could be spending on other things.

Is being a big Disney fan healthy? That’s the question one columnist, and fellow Disney fan, tries to answer in the LA Times. Reading his column, we share many of the same behaviors and motivations.

The author interviews Disney Imagineering legend Marty Sklar who offers the theory of his fellow Imagineer John Hench.

“John Hench used to say that Disneyland was reassuring,” Sklar said. “You could speak to a stranger. You feel safe. You know you’re going to be respected. Everything is clean. It’s an example that you take back to your own community. ‘Why can’t it be like this? Why can’t we treat people like we get treated at the Disney parks? Why can’t our streets be as clean as it is at Disney?’

It’s reassuring because you know things work.”

I think that comes close to why I go, but it’s not it exactly. It definitely has something to do with how the world is created down to the finest detail to tell a story. I think that taps into something in me that craves not just a good story, but my desire to be a part of one.

It’s the same reason I like big screen movies that suck you in or stage entertainment that transports you to another place. Disney theme park fans who try the Disney Cruise Line often report that it’s like the theme parks, but better. Could that be because you’re literally transported away from the world?

What explains your love of Disney’s parks? Can you sum it up in a couple sentences?