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Grilling tips from ESPN Club for National Grilling Month

It sits just a few yards away from EPCOT at Disney’s BoardWalk, but is often overlooked as a dining choice for those wanting something that would classify as American fare. It’s the ESPN Club, of course, and it has great bar and grill cuisine, sports on TV, and even some ESPN themed merchandise.

As it turns out July is National Grilling Month so Disney asked Chef Paul Napoli of ESPN Club to share some grilling tips you can use at home:

  • Before cooking let your meat come to room temperature. It will prevent your meat from tensing up when you grill it.
  • Don’t forget to season your meat. Salt and pepper and olive oil is good.
  • Keep your heat moderate to avoid flare ups that come with high flame.
  • Baste your meat with a compound butter for that extra rich flavor. Consider butter with herbs, garlic, and shallot, or salt and pepper.
  • To get the great flavor of carmelization, think of your grill as a clock, and place your meat at 12 o’clock. Make a small turn clockwise approximately every 30 seconds, once your meat is in the 6 o’clock position, it will be ready to flip. While you won’t end up with traditional grill marks, this technique will help you get the most flavor.
  • Although Disney didn’t mention it, we recommend following the guidelines for meat developed by the CDC for safety. Being extra sure to make sure you’re cooking to the right temperature.

Now you’re ready to grill your own perfect steak, chicken, or burger.

Happy Grilling!

(Photo courtesy Chad Sparkes Flickr CC-by-2.0 license)