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Disney CEO Bob Iger resigns from White House Advisory Council

Disney’s Chair and CEO Bob Iger has joined what is sure to be a long list of corporate leaders, it already includes Tesla and Space X head Elon Musk, in withdrawing from the White House Advisory Councils he sits on. President Trump’s decision to withdraw from an international agreement to slow climate change known as the Paris Agreement is behind Iger’s resignation.

Iger announced his decision via twitter:

There has been pressure on Iger and other corporate leaders to resign from Trump’s advisory council after some of his previous controversial statements. However, Iger maintained it was important to have a voice at the table, even when he disagreed with the President.

Disney also needs to be concerned with Trump’s stricter border and immigration policies causing deflation in international travel to its theme parks and resorts. Regulations like requiring laptops to be packed, mandating sharing social media accounts with customs agents, and discrimination based on nationality or religion has already caused a dip in some numbers according to news reports.