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New tram tractor model in use at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney has rolled out its first new tram tractor servicing the parking lot at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The new tugs are meant to provide a quieter, smoother ride for guests, and a safer more comfortable cabin for the drivers. It’s also believed to be more efficient energy consumption speaking, which has been a point of emphasis at Walt Disney World for the last few years.

The new tram cab looks like something you might find towing a 747 at an airport. A quick google search reveals a number of very similar looking airplane tugs.

The new tram cabs are also said to have custom paint jobs that are meant to resemble the same colors of the monorails. I don’t see it in the photo above. Maybe they’re not done yet?

So far, it looks like just new tractors for now. The passenger cars are looking pretty run down, so maybe they’ll get their own makeovers soon.