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D23 Members enjoy special benefits at D23 Expo 2017

Mickey Mouse D23 Expo

It pays to be a paying member of D23, Disney’s official fan club. There are new and returning opportunities for D23 Gold and Charter Members, including priority seating at the Expo’s premiere events, as well as other benefits for Disney fans of all ages during the event, July 14–16 at the Anaheim Convention Center. These special offers from D23 include:

D23 Fan Lounge: The D23 Fan Lounge, which will be located in the heart of the show floor, will feature décor inspired by one of Walt Disney’s first animated characters, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who celebrates his 90th anniversary this year. The lounge will include photo opportunities, complimentary charging stations, and the chance to learn more about D23, Disney’s official fan club. Open to all guests at the event, the lounge is located directly in front of Center Stage, which will host events, musical performances, and special appearances all weekend.

D23 Gold Member Benefits: Guests who are Gold or Gold Family Members will enjoy the following benefits at this year’s D23 Expo:

  • Priority seating for presentations in Hall D23 and the D23 Expo Arena
  • A complimentary Expo-exclusive print
  • Special offers and discounts from Disney partners including Havaianas, Ozobot, Steiff, and Thomas Kinkade.

D23 Charter Member Lounge: Once again, D23 Charter Members (who joined in 2009 and have maintained their Gold Membership status) will have access to a private lounge off the show floor, where they can relax and purchase food and beverages.

Offers are subject to change. There are a limited number of priority seats available in Hall D23 and the D23 Expo Arena. Additional details are available at

Tickets for D23 Expo 2017 are available for $81 for one-day adult admission and $59 for children 3–9. Members of D23: The Official Disney Fan Club can purchase tickets for $72 for a one-day adult admission and $53 for children 3–9. Multi-day tickets are also available. For more information on tickets and D23 Expo 2017, visit

In case your wondering a single D23 Gold Membership is $80 and includes a membership gift and a subscription to Disney Twenty-Three magazine. A family membership is $104 and includes the same gift.

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  1. Boo….hiss…..said it before and here it is again…there are a LOT of Disney fans here on the east coast…in NY (where I am) and surrounding states New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut yet the the Disney D23 is always held in California. Why? Before I would spend the money on airfare…hotel, car, food etc. as opposed to attending in one day the Expo here in NYC…I would sooner take the money and go to Disney World for a vacation. But then…I miss out on everything those in California get to see and do at the Expo. NO FAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here me Disney?????????

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