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U.K. Supreme Court decision could impact visits to Walt Disney World

There is an on-going debate about whether it is appropriate to take your child out of school in order to give them the educational experience of a family vacation. It’s well positioned that travel broadens the mind and yes, I would argue that even travel to Walt Disney World qualifies (although obviously not to the same level as a week visiting the Smithsonian or exploring Aztec ruins).

The counter argument is that schools have break periods to accommodate that extra-curricular education experience and that on regular school days, attendance should be required to maximize classroom learning and keep disruptions for other kids to a minimum.

That was the question before the U.K. Supreme Court this week. In a case that has been winding its way through the courts, Jon Platt has been arguing that even if he took his kids on a holiday trip to Walt Disney World, the days the child missed a so minimum as to not impact the child’s education or the classroom environment. The Supreme Court disagreed and now Platt could be asked to pay a fine.

This ruling essentially means that schools in the U.K. have more leverage to penalize families and kids who miss class for any reason, including a that trip to Walt Disney World.

This may seem like a matter of entitlement, but that trip to Walt Disney World had become something of a right of passage for U.K families. Now travel will be limited to non-school periods, not coincidentally, those are the more expensive times to travel. That means fewer U.K families will be able to afford that trip to Orlando, or where ever they choose to visit.

What it means for Walt Disney World is a new plan to help adjust for those missing families. They already offer U.K. families some pretty amazing discounts to visit, but if the U.K. Supreme Court’s decision ends up causing fewer families to travel during the school year, then that adds up to lower attendance for Disney.

Have you ever taken your child from school to travel to Walt Disney World? Anyone from the U.K. reading the blog? DO you think this is a big change in policy? Will it impact your ability to have a Disney holiday with your family?

(via the Guardian)