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VIDEO: The Making of “Happily Ever After” Fireworks

Walt Disney World wants you to get excited for the new nighttime fireworks show coming to the Magic Kingdom in about 6 weeks. “Happily Ever After” features more than just fireworks, there will be lasers, lighting, and digital projection on the castle finally integrating all the aspects that we have seen during the upgrade to Hallowishes (which reminds me, do we get a new show for Halloween and Christmas too?).

Executive Creative Director Michael Jung says the show will take park guests on a “hero’s journey” that makes them want to dream big and never give up:

I love that Disney shared with us the model of Cinderella Castle they use for projection tests. They seriously need to make this available for parties.

As is the trend these days, Disney is favoring the more modern movies and a more contemporary soundtrack. Here’s our previous sneak peek at the recording of the new song for the show.