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Videopolis: Father, daughter duet covers Beauty and the Beast

Hey fellow Disney fans. It’s time for another Disney fan video of the week as part of our Videopolis series. Today we have Lance Horsley and his daughter Amoré. They perform a beautiful cover of the title song to “Beauty and the Beast” that will put you in the mood to see the movie this weekend.

We asked Horsley why he recorded this duet:

“As long as I can remember Disney has been a part of my life. From Disney on Ice to Walt Disney World, I have great memories from my childhood because of Disney.

As a child my grandparents took me to see the original Beauty and the Beast movie so when I heard there was remake I thought it might be neat to cover one of songs the from the movie. My little brother suggested the “Beauty and the Beast” song and that seemed to be the most popular from the movie so I decided to do a cover of it.

Watching my own daughter, Amoré, grow up loving Disney Princesses she would often sing and dance pretending to be a princess herself. When Amoré was 2 my little brother had taken the video clip that you see in the cover. I was reminded of that video clip when I mentioned covering this song and I thought that might be a nice thing to add to it.

When I first sat down with my acoustic guitar to create the music I tried a few different ideas with it but I wasn’t crazy for what I had come up with. I then had the idea to try to have Amoré to sing with me. I wasn’t sure if she could even sing but when she did I could not believe how incredible she was. I was pleasantly surprised. I sent what I had recorded to my older brother and his first response was to have her sing on the whole song with me. So I called her back down to my studio and she sang on each of the verses with me. I’m very glad that I did because her being on the song with me made it what it is. And it’s always something she will have to look back on as she grows up.

We decided shoot the video (directed by Lincoln Horsley) in a Library based on suggestions from my little brother. That turned out to be just what the video needed to give that Disney feel. All things seemed to just come together with this song to make it what it was. It’s by far my favorite cover video I have done so far and I’m glad that so many other people are enjoying it.”

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