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What you missed at latest Disneyana Fan Club’s show and sale

Tsum-Tsum Imported from Japan

Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty Season 2

Not sure about this Donald.

Or this Hook.

Mary Poppins Dolls

“clothes stay on like magic”

… what?

Marvel Vinylmation

Solid Wall of Vinylmation

Mel lookin’ at stuff

Mouse-llaneous Merchandise


Vintage Plush Ewok

Winnie the Pooh… Sarcophagi?

The Notorious LGM

Jungle Book Happy Meal Display circa 1990

Promotional tie-in created for a re-release of the film at the time. I think remakes and re-releases can and should coexist!


Main Street Electrical Parade Painting

This is one of my favorite non-concept art Disney paintings. I would have taken a better pic if I had known it’s almost impossible to find online!/Realized I wasn’t using my DSLR correctly! Heh.

While we were there we also met the voice of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Mark Silverman. He even performed the ride spiel!

There were many other notable guests from the Disney community there as well, including David Koenig of MousePlanet, and Margaret Kerry; who was the original live action-reference for animating Tinker Bell! It’s a great convention and I hope I can make the next one in October, hopefully armed with a bit more cash…

Button payload for this convention:

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