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Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange – visual and special effects, how it was done

If you saw Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the theaters, then you remember impressive time reversal fight scene set in the streets of Hong Kong. The special and visual effects heavy section of the film featured buildings rebuilding themselves all while Dr Strange fights off the villains by encasing them in the restructured buildings. But how did Marvel’s effects artists pull it off?

That’s the topic of two newly released short documentary films released to promote the DVD/Blu-Ray for Doctor Strange.

Reversing time in Hong Kong

Building the Hong Kong sets:

Marvel Studios’ “Doctor Strange,” the story of Dr. Stephen Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts, has mesmerized both audiences and critics, pulling in more than $658.3 million at the worldwide box office to date and earning a 90% critics consensus on Rotten Tomatoes. The biggest single-character introduction in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), it also carries on Marvel Studios’ winning streak as the 14th consecutive MCU film to debut at #1 at the domestic box office.

The film is available on Digital HD now on Amazon. The Blu-Ray DVD is oddly not yet available to pre-order for its Feb 28th release date. Your purchase via Amazon helps support The Disney Blog.