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D-Living Store at Disney Springs receives Beastly makeover

The interior of the new D-Living Store at Disney Springs has received a makeover designed to make you feel like you’re inside Beast’s Castle from Beauty and the Beast. Also added was merchandise from the original movie and the new live-action adaption.

We really liked the Tea Set that featured Mrs Potts and Chip from the new movie, but the price of $250 will hold us back. There were also a few t-shirts and mugs from the new movie, presumably more will be added closer to the film’s release.

The decor added to the store was also great. From the Beast’s bedroom, to the silverware chandeliers, to the white paper rose under glass, and books, lots of books, it all makes you feel like you’re in the movie.

D-Living is found inside the Town Center section of Disney Springs. It originally opened as a Christmas holiday themed store, but is designed to be updated to reflect the seasons or any promotions Disney wants to add.

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