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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD S4E12 recap: Hot Potato Soup

This week on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD starts out with Billy and Sam Koenig enjoying a night on the town when they are attacked and Billy is kidnapped.

At SHIELD, Coulson reveals that Billy was probably kidnapped because he was given the Darkhold book. Also, Fitz has repaired the Radcliffe LMD from last week in an attempt to find the real Dr. Radcliffe.

The real doctor has been tied up and seemingly betrayed by Senator Nadeer. Billly is brought into the room with Radcliffe and is threatened with torture to reveal the location of the Darkhold. He doesn’t break and Radcliffe is forced to reveal that he isn’t really tied up. He was trying to trick Koenig but he failed.

Radcliffe decides to get into Billy’s brain in order to get the information.

Back at SHIELD, Coulson’s team has discovered a link between the Russians who attacked the Koenigs, the Russians who work for Nadeer and the Russians who forced Bobbi and Hunter to resign last season.

Fitz-Simmons and Mack are still interrogating LMD Radcliffe but not getting anywhere because his programming is far too advanced. The LMD also reveals that Radcliffe knows Fitz’s father.

Once inside Koenig’s memories, Radcliffe discovers that Billy passed the Darkhold on to Sam so he doesn’t know where the book is. At SHIELD, Sam tells the team that he gave the book to L.T. Koenig, the first one to get the others in SHIELD so the team goes to find him. In a surprise twist, L.T. is a Koenig sister, not a brother.

L.T. tells SHIELD that, in the ever growing game of hot potato, she gave the Darkhold back to Billy and that he probably put it in a secret SHIELD library, which Radcliffe has discovered while continuing to plume the depths of Billy’s brain.

The race is on to the library but Coulson’s team gets there first. Sam Koenig heads into the secret passages to get the book. He returns right as Radcliffe’s men show up. He gives the book to May. Coulson asks her for it but she refuses and pulls a gun on him. Fitz-Simmons has also figured out that May is a LMD and tells Daisy just in time for her to save Coulson.

A fight ensues but Radcliffe gets away with the Darkhold.

Once everyone is back at SHIELD, the Koenig’s lament the loss of the book but Coulson assures them that valuable intel was learned despite the setback. They then lament the fact that their work with LMDs is obsolete because Radcliffe’s models are so advanced. The Koenig’s are not LMDs but we’re the technicians of the first LMD program.

The final scene shows Radcliffe talking with one of the Russians who thinks he has figured out the secret behind all of the alien activity on earth. It’s a man who’s been in the shadows of every attack, from the Chitari to the Kree but he is suppose to be dead. He then shows Radcliffe a bunch of pictures of Coulson.

This was another solid episode and I loved finally getting to know the secret of the Koenigs.

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