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Main Street Electrical Parade nears first encore performance at Disneyland

I grew up loving the “Main Street Electrical Parade.” It’s hundreds of thousands of sparkling lights and energetic performers were a perfect way to cap every evening. But by the time it ‘glowed away forever’ in 1996 it was time for the parade to go. Technology had advanced to the point that guests were expecting more from their night time entertainment options. While Disneyland did try to replace it with the tragically mishandled “Light Magic” the Disneyland version of MSEP was used it in other parks, eventually traveling all the way around the world.

Eventually MSEP found its way to Florida in 2010 where it ran until last year. Disney then announced they would return the parade to Disneyland for an encore appearance. I personally think Disney is disrespecting all the people they sold the ‘final season’ tickets to back in 1996 by bringing it back, but I understand why some people are excited to have it back for another visit. I won’t begrudge them their dose of night time magic. After all a new generation has been born and come of age since the parade last wound its way down Main Street.

Disney just revealed that the drum float has been restored to read “Disneyland Presents … Main Street Electrical Parade.” At least they got that right. The Main Street Electrical Parade will celebrate a colorful homecoming at Disneyland Park beginning Friday, Jan. 20, 2017. There’s also a ticketed event on the 19th if you really have to be the first to see MSEP return to Disneyland.

Meanwhile the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is without a night time parade. Please send help… or Paint the Night.

(Photo courtesy Disneyland – Rob Sparacio photographer)