Last day for cherished Magic Kingdom Barber Michal

When I tell people there’s an actual working barber shop inside the Magic Kingdom, I often get a strange look. But there is. In fact, it is the only place my son has ever had his hair cut. Every single snip but one was made by the same stylist – Michal. Sadly, Friday (aka Tomorrow) is Michal’s last day at Harmony Barber Shop.

For the last 20 years, Michal has been a veritable fixture in Harmony Barber Shop. When he started, the barbershop was a small room off Center Street. He survived the move to its current location in Town Square and the location’s recent remodel as well.

A favorite of cast members and guests alike. Michal always had a humorous story to share and a warm smile.

We’re glad we stopped in last week to get one more haircut from Michal for our son. Turns out it was the last one too. I was very sad to hear that tomororw is his last day.

Michal is retiring to deal with some health issues. We wish him well and will definitely miss his presence at the park. Michal was definitely a cut above the rest.

9 thoughts on “Last day for cherished Magic Kingdom Barber Michal”

  1. FYI – I just stopped by the Barber Shop to wish him well.
    He’s actually off today and Friday is his last day. :)

  2. He is the best barber that Disney will ever have! My son Austin will only go to him! We will miss you Michael! ❤

  3. Something few people took advantage of was Michal’s vast (and accurate) knowledge of the physical location and the authentic items that decorated the shop, certain practices that turn-of-the-century barbers used and were referenced in the shop and more. I never saw him “down”. He was always cheerful, generous and helpful. I first met him as a cast member working for Disney Adult Discoveries giving guests tours of Main Street and he was always eager and patient to interact with them when I brought them into his shop. I don’t think he was ever fully appreciated by management but he consistently made so many real magical memories for so many people including myself. Sorry to hear that health issues are robbing so many people of experiencing his joy, his knowledge, and his pixie dust. All my best wishes and prayers.

  4. Michal gave my daughter her first haircut too! Later, I made a photobook of previous visits to WDW and brought it back for him to sign for her – he was amazed that we wanted HIM to sign her book. Another Disney icon future generations will miss out on!

  5. Cousin. So happy for you. I know this must be bittersweet for you as I know how you loved the little barbershop at Magic Kingdom. As well as all the special people you meet. Look forward to a new, well deserved chapter in you life. Luv you. Linda.

  6. My son got his first haircut from Michal. It was a once in a lifetime wonderful experience and Michal was first class all the way. Pixie dust, Mickey stickers and Mickey ears that have had a special place on my dresser along with a picture ever since. Ian/son is now 18 and we will be returning to Disney this month. Michal blessed us with a great memory.

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