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Watch Full “How Far I’ll Go” Song Sequence from Disney’s Moana

Fresh off its nomination for a Golden Globe award, Walt Disney Animation Studios has released the full clip of “How Far I’ll Go” from it’s hit film Moana. Featuring the the beautiful voice of Auli’i Cravalho, “How Far I’ll Go” is full of great visuals and now available to view in its entirety right here:

Such a great song in a spectacular movie, perhaps Disney Animation’s best story yet. So why isn’t it bringing in huge box office numbers like Zootopia or Frozen?

There are a couple reasons Moana’s not dominating in quite the way Frozen did. First, there’s no emotional sister story, something that played very well in the homes of many families with young kids. But just as importantly, there are no incredibly singable songs.

That’s not to fault Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Mancina, and Opetaia Foa’i, they created beautiful music that perfectly matches Moana on her adventure across the South Pacific seas. It’s just hasn’t ignited the passions of kids the way it’s required to inspire repeat viewings.

Disney, to its credit, is trying to light a fire under the songs of Moana by sharing video clips with the songs on YouTube. “You’re Welcome” and “We Know The Way” were previously released.

We’re 3 weeks into Moana’s theatrical run and it’s been doing well enough to remain #1 in a week box office market, but it’s not going to make $500 million, let alone the $1.2 billion Frozen did.

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