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EPCOT Disney Visa Character Meet Moves, Leaving just one Innoventions Attraction


A partnership between Visa and Disney has certain exclusive benefits for Disney Visa card holders at Walt Disney World. These include, but are not limited to, the Disney Visa Lounge during at the food and wine festival, a private meet and greet at Star Wars Launch Bay and a Disney Character meet and greet at EPCOT.

Beginning today, that character greeting will be moving to a new location in the Imagination Pavilion. It was previously inside the Innoventions West area, however, most of Innoventions West had closed leaving that meet and greet orphaned. With that location moved, now only the EPCOT Character Spot (with BayMax and Inside Out emotions) remains in what used to be Innoventions West. No word if that means the rest of the area will become something else soon

The new location is actually the former home of the Figment meet and greet. It’s located next to Journey Into Imagination with Figment and the Pixar Film Festival. To find it, head up to the fountain plaza and look to the left of the entrance to the Pixar Film Festival.

There’s only one Innoventions experience left open now, Colortopia in Innoventions East. It looks like the idea of getting companies to sponsor exhibits at EPCOT is pretty much over. Any ideas how EPCOT should position itself for the next 35 years of iconic park?

7 thoughts on “EPCOT Disney Visa Character Meet Moves, Leaving just one Innoventions Attraction”

  1. They can use Marvel, Pixar,and a small company called Disney for there inspirations.Who cares about Ford or whatever company is sponsoring these attractions.

    Teast Trak = Pixar Cars
    Mission to Space = Star Wars
    Body Wars =AntMAn

    Do you get where I am going with this.
    They own so many rights to cool stuff why not use it.

    Its not like Disney needs the money to keep there attractions working.

    Make the Parks all about Disney

  2. Sad to see Innoventions go. It offered a variety of family friendly activities, changed often, great place to visit on rainy days, paid for itself, and had some higher paying roles for the cast. Epcot executives never understood it, and never got behind it. It will be interesting to see what replaces it

  3. Innoventions should be turned into Stark Industries featuring the latest awesome gadgetry in the Marvel Universe. Here’s hoping the space is used for something exciting and not just special events.

  4. Future World desperately needs to be reimagined if they’re not going to keep the concept of “edu-tainment” around. Given that Epcot is the theme park based in the “real world,” it would be odd for them to convert Future World into anything related to movie franchises, but it seems that the park may be headed in that direction. If they’re going to do something based on one of their entertainment properties, they might as well do it right.

    Turning Future World into a Marvel-themed park would make a great deal of sense, as they could use the entire area for Marvel-based entertainment, dining, and character experiences. Some attractions could be overlaid with Marvel themes — Imagination could become a showcase for Stark Industries tech, Mission: Space could be a Guardians of the Galaxy space adventure, Test Track could be a S.H.I.E.L.D. project. Tougher to figure out what to do with Spaceship Earth or The Land (I doubt they’d want to remove Soarin’). I suppose Spaceship Earth could be converted into a history and overview of the entire MCU, or maybe a timeline of the Avengers. The Living Seas would have to be removed completely, as seems to be the plan for the Universe of Energy. The Innoventions spaces could be turned into new attractions. The Wonders of Life Pavilion could be used to house new attractions. There’s lots of room.

    The problem with that is that they’d need to reacquire the rights to the Marvel characters from Universal, which would be expensive. Personally, I’d rather see the concept of Future World continue to be used, but with major upgrades to the attractions. There’s still plenty we can learn about the future of technology, transportation, space travel, etc.

    1. Getting the rights to use Marvel at Walt Disney World is a band-aid they’re going to have to rip off eventually anyway. They might as well make the payment now while Universal is looking to expand. The sooner Disney buys back the rights, the sooner they’ll be able to really capitalize on them.

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