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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD recap – Season 4, Episode 3 – The Uprising


This week’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD begins with a series of citywide blackouts in Miami (where Elena aka Yo-Yo is), London and L.A. (where Daisy and Robbie are). Director Mace sends Mack, Fitz and Coulson to Miami to investigate because a group of Inhumans resisting the Sokovia Accords is claiming responsibility. Coulson goes reluctantly because he knows May’s condition is getting worse. Simmons is only giving her 24 hours to live unless they can figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it so she takes May to Dr. Radcliffe’s place for help. He’s still working on perfecting the Life Model Decoys and hides his work from SHIELD.

In Miami, a group of rioters break into the building where Elena and her friends are demanding to get the Inhuman.

In L.A., Robbie (aka Ghostrider) and Daisy go get Robbie’s wheelchair bound brother to make sure he’s safe. They show up right before some looters are about to attack him. A fight ensues. Daisy and Robbie are successful but Daisy re-breaks her arm in the process.

In Miami, the gunmen have picked a target and are threatening him until Elena reveals herself. Coulson and his team show up and another fight ensues. The attackers are quickly subdued and Coulson figures out that they are part of the Watchdogs and that they are framing the Inhumans for the blackouts. Somehow they’ve been able to get a hold of the list and locations of all the registered Inhumans.


At Radcliffe’s lab, they have figured out that May’s brain activity has gone haywire and the only way to fix it is to temporarily kill her, allowing her brain to reset so to speak. They are just about to shock May back to life when the blackout hits their city. While Simmons tries frantically to wake May up, Radcliffe gets the LMD battery out to power up the defibrillator. After a few more nerve racking moments, May wakes up back to her old self.

Back in Miami, Fitz is able to figure out where the EMP pulse is coming from and the team goes to take it, and the remaining Watchdogs, out.

The end of the episode sees Director Mace denouncing the Watchdogs in a national press conference as well as officially reinstating SHIELD as a legitimate organization.

What do you think of Season 4 so far? Does the new later hour allow them to tell more complex storylines that could attract new audiences?