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Disney giving serious look at purchase of Netflix


Are you a cord cutter, leaving cable TV behind for the new frontier of over-the-top boxes and Netflix downloads? You’re not alone. In fact, the numbers of people who never had a land-line or cable subscription is growing. This has companies like The Walt Disney Company nervous since they make a lot of their revenue off of distribution deals with cable companies. So what is Disney to do?

Well Disney has already bought one company that could provide an online streaming option for ESPN, but a much bigger purchase could be on the Mouse’s mind. The chatter on Wall Street is that Netflix is seriously under consideration for acquisition by the House of Mouse.

This is a much better purchase for Disney than the recently rumored purchase of Twitter. Disney makes content, Netflix distributes content (and makes some of their own original content, including a number of series for Marvel) in a way that Disney hasn’t yet been able to master (Disney Movies Anywhere is their attempt).

Could it happen? Netflix’s stock rose by 4.1% on the rumor, so Wall Street, at least, is giving it some credence. Do you think it would be a good purchase for Disney?

7 thoughts on “Disney giving serious look at purchase of Netflix”

  1. I think this would be a good thing. The Disney name is synonymous with success, and I think Disney/Netflix will bring many more choices and creativity to its subscribers, so go for it, Disney!

  2. Disney having both Twitter and Netflix would be awesome!!! Having a Disney-owned Netflix would give Marvel and Star Wars a new streaming home and Marvel the opportunity to revive HATAOS,SMTAS,IMAA,WATXM,SSM and EMH and pick up where they left off on Netflix while the current Disney XD Marvel shows continue on.

  3. For sure, it is a distribution model that works and will work for Disney. They need to keep Netflix leadership, however to remain innovative and competitive. Kudos on them for getting close.

    Twitter makes more sense to be acquired by Google than anyone else.

  4. Very interesting rumor, John. Not sure what to think, but let’s do know one thing, I hate paying Brighthouse $200 a month for our bundle.

  5. Regarding Wander Over Yonder, of which there are currently no reruns on Disney XD (save for On Demand), I’m hoping Disney will have a change of heart and move the show to Netflix so it gets the third and final season to give it the proper closure.

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