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How to make a Mickey Mouse Caramel Candy Apple


If you’ve ever wandered by one of Disney’s confectionery stores you’ve probably noticed a small group of people hanging out in front of the large glass window that looks into the kitchen. There’s a good chance one of Disney’s cast members is making something delicious in the kitchen area on the other side – like a Mickey Mouse Caramel Candy Apple.

These traditional candy apple treats usually found only at Halloween have been elevated to a new level at Disney’s theme parks, made throughout the year, and they’re definitely big enough to share, although you won’t want to.

Here’s a new video from the kitchen at Disney Springs’ Candy Cauldron location with easy to follow steps to make your own Mickey Mouse candy apple at home. Gather a few Granny Smith apples and candy apple sticks plus you’ll also need melted caramel, melted milk chocolate, melted white chocolate, marshmallows, yellow jelly beans, and red granulated sugar in your kitchen, then follow along.

With all the work that went into that, you can see why Disney is now charging around $10 for the delicious treat. Is this a must-have treat on your Disney trip?

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