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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD S3E16 recap: Paradise Lost


This week, Malick arrives home and is surprised to find Ward/Hive already there ready to fully reveal himself.

At SHIELD, Fitz-Simmons are investigating one of the bodies that Hive scorched last week and determine that “It” from the alien planet has possessed Ward’s body.

Coulson sends most of the team after Hive but Daisy and Lincoln have a side mission to find an Inhuman that might be able to help them.

Malick is worried that Hive is going to kill him because of the vision he had last week when Charles touched him so he tries to get Hive to warm up to him before they meet with the inner circle that evening.


Lincoln tells Daisy that the guy they’re looking for isn’t an Inhuman because he was banished from Afterlife before he got his powers. He was caught stealing and raving about the second coming of an Inhuman that can raise the dead.

They find his house in the middle of nowhere but he is not keen on talking with Daisy and Lincoln. He also has land mines buried in his yard which Daisy discovers when she steps on one.

She uses her powers to bury the mine farther and get away before it explodes while Lincoln uses his to knock out James before he can shoot them.

After waking up, he’s incredibly uncooperative until Lincoln offers him a Terrigen crystal.

Meanwhile, SHIELD is looking for Giyera and trying to figure out what his plan is. They are able to trap him in a room with nothing for him to use his powers on. It’s now a fight between him and May.

The Hydra inner circle has come for the meeting and Hive finally reveals his true form. Later that evening, Hive confronts Malick about his lack of belief and kills Malick’s daughter as punishment.

James shows Lincoln and Daisy an orb that he stole at Afterlife. He’s not sure what it does but he does know it has to do with the first group of Inhumans that were on Earth. He fakes the switch leaving James without the orb or the Terrigen crystal.

Meanwhile, on the Quinjet, Giyera escapes and takes control of the plane. May is able to get a quick distress signal out to Daisy but is knocked out.

Daisy and Lincoln decide to call in the Secret Warriors for help. Unfortunately, we won’t get to see them in action until next week.

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