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Top Five Attractions We Want to See in Disney Kingdoms


With Disney Kingdoms’ Haunted Mansion #1 debuting this month and Figment 2 coming out as a trade paperback next month, I’ve been thinking a lot about Marvel’s Disney Kingdoms comic line, specifically how much I’ve enjoyed them.

Seekers of the Weird was, indeed, a weird little tale but a good starting place for the series. They followed that up with the wildly popular Figment story. Then came my current favorite, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.


Being the Armchair Imagineer and storyteller that I am, I started thinking about what I would like to see Disney Kingdoms tackle next, so, here we go:

The Top 5 Attractions We Would Like to See in Disney Kingdoms:


  1. Expedition Everest/the Matterhorn — I realize that both of these attractions tell their own distinct stories, but they both involve roller coasters and large, mythological snow creatures that would make for great action monster stories.
  2. Beastly Kingdom — They could also take the Yeti and put him in a story about the never-realized Beastly Kingdom area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Just like with Seekers of the Weird, they could use the concept art and stories to finally bring their vision to Disney fans everywhere.
  3. The Jungle Cruise — The cheesy humor from the Jungle Cruise makes the attraction a perfect addition to the Disney Kingdoms series along with the mystery and adventure of traveling through jungles and caves.
  4. Roaring Rapids — What better way to get fans more excited about Shanghai Disneyland (as if we need to be more excited) than by telling the story of the “mysterious, fearsome creature” that guests will encounter there.
  5. Mission: Space — Moving away from the realm of fantasy and adventure and into the realm of science fiction, I would love to see a story based on this attraction. What would be really interesting would be to have a story that connects this attraction with the extinct Mission to Mars attraction.

Those are our picks, what attractions would you like to see in Disney Kingdoms?

2 thoughts on “Top Five Attractions We Want to See in Disney Kingdoms”

  1. Tops on my list:

    The ADVENTURER’S CLUB. The back story of how the members met and joined.

    Horizons. We could follow one family (the family from Carousel of Progress) into the various futures depicted in the ride.

    Chester and Hester’s Dinorama. Why not explore the backstory/characters of the two hucksters building the carnival along with the scientists who are working at the Dino Institute?

    1. I love the idea of The Adventurers Club and Horizons would make a great sci-fi tale.
      I almost put Chester and Hester on my list, or even Dinoland, USA as a whole.

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