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Details of Fulton’s Crab House remodel at Disney Springs revealed


For years, Fulton’s Crab House has been the place at Downtown Disney to go for fresh seafood and perfectly cooked steaks. However, with a new look and feel coming to Disney Springs, it is time for the location to step up its game. Disney has just announced details of the new concept that will open this fall.

According to Disney, “The re-imagined restaurant will welcome guests with a bow to stern update including interiors reflecting the crisp luxury of modern yachting, and new spaces include a lushly appointed rooftop lounge overlooking Disney Springs, outdoor waterfront bar featuring a ‘build your own’ fish boil and private dining areas. The new menu stars fresh seafood with an oyster shucking bar, Florida stone crab and Alaskan king crab, with hearty steaks and chops, as well as classic and curated cocktails.”


The rooftop lounge sounds good. Currently that space is rented out for private parties (a company I worked for had their Christmas party there). On a clear night you can see fireworks in the distance, which is nice. I’m a little concerned that the new direction for Fulton’s Crab House doesn’t really carve out a space all that different from the recently opened The Boathouse which is located just a few steps away. But without a remodel there was no way to compete, so I understand the move. Hopefully they’re figuring out some market differentiation.

Formerly known as the Empress Lilly, named after and christened by Walt Disney’s wife Lillian in 1977, the riverboat shaped building quickly became the most famous icon of Downtown Disney and well known for its posh dining. Alas, it was actually a building, not a boat. The years have not been kind to the riverboat. Besides a 1996 name change to Fulton’s Crab House, it lost its stern wheel (which actually moved) and smoke stacks. No word if there is a plant to bring back either of those elements in this refurbishment. But I’m sure fans would be appreciative if they did.

Update: just learned they’re are currently targeting Sunday April 3rd as the last day of operations before work begins. Fulton’s hopes to reopen in the late fall.

I’m hoping to get more details on the change soon, but based on what you’ve heard so far. Do you plan to visit Fulton’s Crab House when it reopens?

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  1. Very frustrating that they were still taking reservations for the summer. Made an additional booking at the boathouse just in case. Looking forward to the new look though.

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