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Disney California Adventure to say goodbye to Mad-T Party, again.


We already said good-bye to the Mad-T Party once, but popular demand brought it back. Now California Adventure will again say goodbye to the dance, interactive games, and music festival as the Disneyland resort prepares for new entertainment options.

Mad-T Party fans will have a few more chances to enjoy the madness. It will be open on weekends through March 13 and nightly March 18-30. After that you’ll have to head back across the esplanade to get your dose of Alice in Wonderland.

The Mad-T Party opened with the newly rededicated Disney California Adventure. It replaced the popular ElecTRONica dance party (remember Flynn’s arcade?) then itself took a haitus in December of 2014 for “Freeze the Night! A Family Dance Party” an ill-advised attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Disney’s Frozen. Freeze the night melted after just 5 months before Mad-T Party was brought back to much rejoicing for the Diamond Anniversary.

It seems odd to me that a show themed to Alice in Wonderland is going away just as the studios is set to release a new movie in the Alice in Wonderland world on May 27th. Perhaps the Mad-T Party will come back with a new theme related to the new movie – Alice Through The Looking Glass. What do you think? Were you a fan of the Mad-T Party?

6 thoughts on “Disney California Adventure to say goodbye to Mad-T Party, again.”

  1. I am a huge fan of Mad T … It is so sad to see them take it away yet again.
    I can’t believe it. It was so hard to say goodbye the first time but now the second time.
    Disney is getting rid of all the live music first with TLT & now this.

  2. i thoroughly dislike the mad t party. it’s decor was hideous and really ruined the backlot, if you asked me. it was just a waste of space and i’m very happy to see it go.

  3. My friends and I, as well as the performers who are our friends, all love this show and are saddened by it’s departure. We also do not know why this would happen just before the new movie, but wish Disney would reconsider this decision.

  4. I’ve been a Disneyland Annual Passholder for more than 20 years. I now have a 26 year old daughter who got me hooked on The Mad T Party since it’s very first weeks at California Adventure. For the first time in all these years I will not be renewing my pass. Mad T is not the only reason I go, but it’s the biggest reason for my weekly visits. I fought tooth and nail last time they ended it to bring it back. I will again this time but I’m feeling far less optimistic. It will be a sad sad day for me when my pass expires.

  5. So incredibly sad to see it go. A cast so full of talent and fans who have become like family over the years. Such an abrupt end to an amazing all ages show.

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