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This MagicBand has more bling than yours


At Walt Disney World the MagicBand is your passport to access nearly every aspect of your vacation. Since you’re going to use it to enter the theme parks, buy food, unlock your hotel room door, and more, why not look extra stylish while doing it. That thought must-have provided some inspiration to Mouse Chat podcaster Lisa Griswold whose gem encrusted MagicBand is a one-of-a-kind DIY masterpiece.

When you visit the parks as often as Lisa and her husband Steve, you inevitably end up with a drawer full of MagicBands. Lisa decided to take one of those and kick it up a few notches by decorating it with $450 worth of real gems.


“I wanted to turn an ordinary MagicBand into a work of art” said Griswold.

It took almost 120 real gems, including royal purple amethyst, London blue topaz, and rhodolite, and rubies to cover the pink band. The three rubies that make the Mickey Mouse icon? They’re over four and a half carats just by themselves.

“We created this MagicBand tennis bracelet to be a piece of art to spark the imagination of other artists and Disney fans,” said Griswold. “We hope to see other jewelry pieces and designs created by Disney Fans for their vacations.”


Btw, you can now tell Disney that you don’t need an extra pair of MagicBands when you make your reservation, so you don’t end up with a drawer full yourself.

Do you just go with a plain MagicBand or do you like to try something with a design on it like these at the DisneyStore?

What do you think of the Griswold’s blinged out MagicBand?

3 thoughts on “This MagicBand has more bling than yours”

  1. Truthfully? It is a waste of money…with 12 million seniors and 15 million children not knowing where their next meal is coming from, I can think of a much better use of money than a gem encrusted magic band. I buy food every week…on a very limted Social Security income…for a local food bank. Do you?

    1. I don’t think you know what she does, or does not do, with her money. Nor should you pass judgement on her for creating something that makes her happy.

  2. Well, Barbara, I’m glad you crawled up on your high horse and gave us your opinion. It somehow makes your good deeds less noble when you use them as a tool to stand in judgement of others.

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