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360-degree VR Video invades Disney’s theme parks


There’s a hot new video format that’s taking over the internet – 360-degree VR Video. It gives you, the viewer, the ability to pan around a video while it moves through time and, usually, distance. These new cameras, like a Ricoh Theta 360, are now showing up on various Disney theme park attractions and making their way onto YouTube and Facebook.

To navigate, you have to click on the video and then drag it around to change your perspective.

Here are a few of the best Disney Parks 360-degree YouTube VR videos I’ve found:

A ride around the Disneyland Railroad for posterity before the circuit is changed to make way for Star Wars Land.

You might also want to take a leisurely trip around the Rivers of America aboard the Mark Twain Riverboat to remember the how it used to be before Star Wars Land shortened the route

Spaceship Earth at EPCOT from Mickey Updates:

A ride on the Peoplemover at the Magic Kingdom from Attractions Magazine:

Also from Attractions Magazine. The Osborne Family Dancing Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios:

Protip: IF you have a Google Cardboard, you can use that to get a real VR feel.

What do you think about this new video format? What Disney attractions would you like to see filmed this way?