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Disney Merchandise Highlight – New Shirts

Most people probably think I’m strange, but one of my favorite things to do while at a Disney themepark is to pop into the stores to see if there is any new merchandise I haven’t seen. I’m a particular fan of t-shirts and Aloha pattern button down shirts.

I like this set of four women’s tees. They’ve got nice big type on them and a Disney character that doesn’t really overwhelm the design.

I’ve seen this pattern shirt before, but now that I’m back working in an office regularly, I like it even more. There are three hidden Mickeys dotted throughout the pattern, but they’re un-obtrusive enough I think I could wear it to work and not raise an eyebrow.


Do you see the Mickey ear tiki, Mickey Mouse and Surfboard, and Mouse Ears on the sail? It’s a somewhat odd mix of icons, but I think it works well together with a nautical theme.


While the nautical themed shirt is a reasonable $49.95, there’s also a new Tommy Bahamas Mickey Mouse Aloha shirt that’s three times that cost. It’s a little expensive, but not unreasonable for the Tommy Bahamas brand.


I’d love to add either of these Disney Hawaiian shirts to my collection, I just need to save up my pennies or maybe win this weeks Powerball. Do you wear Disney clothing even when you’re not on vacation?

2 thoughts on “Disney Merchandise Highlight – New Shirts”

  1. Yes, I wear Disney shirts most of the time when I am out and about….you can’t imagine how many wonderful conversations get started waiting on check-put lines when others see my shirts. I have many …some from many years ago when shirts were much better….embroidered designs, raised printings, of course, I have my Mickey Sorcerer’s Hat shirt…shirts from 2000. My “where the girls are” shirt finally fell apart…haven’t seen anything like that since -showed all the Disney Princesses (up to the point where I bought the shirt so no Mulan, Merida, etc. The last few years, there are almost no shirts I would consider buying. Our most recent trip in December? I bought none..usually buy at least 2-3 each time. They are dull and boring now.

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