Disney Parks Christmas Cups

Forget the Starbucks Christmas Cup controversy, Disney Parks makes it clear what holiday they’re celebrating with their holiday themed cups.


I like the festive symbols, but I do remember that some of the previous cups were a bit more involved and had Disney characters on them.

Which do you like better, plain cups or ones with Disney characters on them?

3 thoughts on “Disney Parks Christmas Cups”

  1. The cups with the characters was, as far as I am concerned, more appropriate to the holidays in the parks.
    Does Coke pay for the printing of the cups? Then why is their logo on them???? When I’m in the parks…all I want is the Disney characters I know and love.

  2. First, there is no controversy about the Starbucks cups. One self-proclaimed minister/internet star started the whole thing to draw attention to himself and to make money. End of story.

    And yes. Coke most likely pays for all cups used in the parks. Therefore, their logo will be on every cup they provide.

  3. Really? What holiday are you celebrating, Saturnalia? Yule? festivus? This is no more “Christian” than red cups… Disney should know better than to join in this ridiculous bible thump…

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