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Disney’s Hollywood Studios to launch Star Wars Seasons of the Force on December 1

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The bad news is Star Wars Weekends is going away, the good news is more Star Wars will be available everyday at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. That’s the message from Disney as they announced December 1st for the launch date for Seasons of the Force.

Star Wars Launch Bay is expected to open December first. Other Star Wars themed experiences will open then or a few days after.

The Launch Bay experience will have meet and greets with Darth Vader and Chewbacca plus special exhibits and peeks behind-the-scenes. Yes, there will be a Star Wars store too.

Star Tours – The Adventures Continue will add a brand new adventure inspired by the upcoming film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. For the first few months, Disney will insert the new adventure into every trip. So no need to worry about missing it. The new scene includes an adventure through the desert of Jakku with the Millennium Falcon and tie-fighters (similar to the scenes you’ve seen in the trailers for The Force Awakens).

Star Wars: Path of the Jedi will feature scenes from the Star Wars saga films and tell the story of the Jedi.

Additionally, the Jedi Training has been getting an upgrade to the stage. It will also have a new villain drawn from the popular Star Wars Rebels animated series on TV.

I will miss the celebrity guest experiences that they had at Star Wars Weekends and I hope they find a way to bring those back, even during construction of the new Star Wars land. What else from Star Wars Weekends should Disney try to keep?

Update: this also likely means there will be no more Disney Characters dressed as Star Wars characters either. Still unofficial, but a solid rumor.

5 thoughts on “Disney’s Hollywood Studios to launch Star Wars Seasons of the Force on December 1”

    1. Same boat here. We’ve been planning this since my son was in middle school. Now that he’s in college, we were finally going to get to go. Ah, but at least this is a first world problem.

  1. Got to admit we only go to HS for special events. No Star Wars Weekends and no Osborne Lights in 2016. And basically the whole place under construction. Can’t really see any reason to stop by next year.

  2. Did all three today. Launch Bay is pretty good. Great intro film, terrific displays of props, well trained staff, nice interactive section. Disney will make a bundle on this one. Path of the Jedi is a complete waste on time. OK, the theater finally has new seats, but this was the worst production I’ve seen hear. Staff was clueless. Sound started late and the poor guy did not know how to turn off the control box light. Movie was nothing new and sound was terrible. New scenes in Star Tours are great. 2 out of 3.

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