New Showrunner joins The Muppets, makeover on the horizon


Even though Disney just ordered three extra episodes, they’re aware that The Muppets isn’t performing to its potential. Part of this may be due to a split between original producers Bob Kushell and co-showrunner Bill Prady. Multiple trade sources report Kushell has stepped down.

Now the question is who will step in to become showrunner. The current leading candidate is Kristen Newman, who recently produced ABC’s musical comedy Galavant.

When Newman, or whomever, joins the production team, they’ll be tasked with assembling a creative team to lead a massive overhaul of the The Muppets. It’s expected that the last 6 episodes of the order will be seen as a chance to prove that the concept can be made to work.

I’m not sure the show needs a complete relaunch. But it does need a new vision for the type of humor used in the show. It’s been criticized for being too adult at the expense of family friendly materials. The show’s best moments so far have been when it recaptures the Muppets being Muppets thrust into uncomfortable situations.

What will the new creative team think? Who knows? But hopefully, ABC will be able to see a version of the show that works and pick it up for a second season. I’d hate to have The Muppets brought back to primetime only to see them leave again so quickly.

What would you do to ‘fix’ ABC’s The Muppets?

6 thoughts on “New Showrunner joins The Muppets, makeover on the horizon”

  1. I love the show just as it is. It is sharp and funny and meant for adults. We grew up watching the Muppets. Can’t they grow up a little too?

    1. The Muppets were always “grown up”. The genius was the grown up stuff was subtle so us kids had no idea they were for grown ups as well. That subtlety is lost on this newest incarnation.

  2. The original Muppet show had a lot of adult content after all Alice Cooper made a guest appearance . The people complaining probably have never seen the original.

  3. Find writers who actually understand and appreciate the Muppets. The current show goes for cheap laughs and lacks anything resembling creativity.

  4. If there’s one thing I’d do to ‘fix’ the show, I’d add/reintroduce more Muppets at the most appropriate times.

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