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Just how perfect a film is Pixar’s WALL-E? We find out


In my opinion Pixar’s WALL-E is pretty much the perfect motion picture achievement, but even great films have problems. The awesome YouTube channel ‘Cinema Sins’ has turned their sin counter toward WALL-E and Eve. Turns out even great films have some sins.

The following video on the edge of not being PG-13 in points, but is generally SFW due to bleeps. A perfect way to start your weekend

They had to get really ticky-tack with that and WALL-E still one of the lowest counts of cinema sins ever. Now I’m off to re-watch WALL-E, how about you?

2 thoughts on “Just how perfect a film is Pixar’s WALL-E? We find out”

  1. Go rewatch it and report back.

    Most people acknowledge that the first half is brilliant but it falls apart once they get to space. And when I rewatched it last week then I still agree.

    First half = Original. brilliant, thought provoking cinematic masterpiece
    Second Half = Cartoon

  2. To be fair, the crunched cockroach? Palmetto bugs, Florida roaches, make a pretty load crunch when you step on them…and then get up and run away.

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