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Preview Disneyland’s new Haunted Mansion Holiday surprises

Each year the hallowed halls of Walt Disney’s Haunted Mansion go dark for a few weeks while a new tenant moves in for the holidays. Then when it returns there are always a few new surprises along with the Nightmare Before Christmas spookiness.

This year we get a preview of two new additions. As usual there’s a new gingerbread house. Each year Disneyland’s pastry chefs come up with a new creation to adorn the ballroom scene. This year I think you’ll agree they’ve out done themselves.


I love the little gingerbread men.

There is one resident of the Haunted Mansion that won’t be making way for the Nightmare Before Christmas crew. The Hatbox Ghost was just added to the ride and he’ll stick around for the holidays too.


Looks like he’s added a new hat to his collection. Halloween time is already in full swing at Disneyland. The first Mickey’s Halloween Party kicks off September 25th, but the Haunted Mansion Holiday is already welcoming guests to its trick or treats.