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New Sorcerer Mickey themed Misting Fan at Disney


Dropped by EPCOT for a brief visit on Wednesday night and stop in MouseGear to see what’s new or eye catching. Prominently displayed were these new Sorcerer Mickey themed misting Fans.

They’re a big change over the more traditional misting fan that is basically a squirt bottle (such as for the laundry or bathroom cleaner) with a fan on top. These have a nice big tube shape with a hollow middle. It makes it easy to grab and carry around.


The fan and squirting mechanism looks basically the same. Batteries fit in the unit. I didn’t notice what size it takes.


Refills are accessible via a port on the bottom. That’s nice as it eliminates one of the problems with the previous version. Everytime you needed to refill it you had to unscrew the whole top and risk breaking it. This new version should be more durable.


The only problem I have with it is the very thin strap. Seems like it would really dig into your shoulder if the misting fan was full of water.

Price was around $16. Which is steep, but you’re getting a well designed device that has actually been thought through for users.

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