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Instapic: Diamond Horseshoe

from Instagram:

On busy days at the Magic Kingdom, you may have the option to enjoy carved turkey or pork sandwiches at the Diamond Horseshoe. It’s great to have it open, but the place sadly lacks any live entertainment of the sort it used to back in the day. They stopped offering live entertainment because they said the facility just doesn’t hold enough guests. But how is no guests enjoying a live show better than some guests enjoying the show?

I wish they would return a stage show to the Diamond Horseshoe. Do you agree?

2 thoughts on “Instapic: Diamond Horseshoe”

  1. I’d love to see like 1 piano player, like at the Rose and Crown. That would fill the place with enough live energy but not cause such a demand for chairs that people are fighting over it

  2. Say John, are you aware that comments no longer appear since you changed the format. All we get is an error message.

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