Well this is a little bit awesome. If you recall, back in 2010 Guillermo del Toro announced he was doing an adaptation of The Haunted Mansion attraction for Disney. Here he is at that year’s San Diego Comic-Con talking about how helming the movie is the Holy Grail of film making

Alas, it’s been mostly radio silence as to whether the production was a go or not. The news resurfaced today because Ryan Gosling is in apparent talks to star in it.

According to The Wrap, del Toro and Gosling have developed a friendship. “The duo were also photographed together at Disneyland over Oscar weekend, where they rode the Haunted Mansion ride in addition to Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.”

I can’t think of anybody better than one of the current Master’s of Horror to helm one Disney’s spookiest rides. When exactly we can see this project is anybodies guess. I would say within the next 2 years.


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